Friday, October 2, 2015

And the days keep coming, Fourteen Months

Um, guys what happened to September? HOW CAN IT POSSIBLY BE OCTOBER? I'd say we're reveling in the the crisp morning air and the sounds and colors of fall, but we're not ... we're just barely starting to swim out from under our puddles of triple digit induced sweat and blazing hot sunshine enough to even think about getting out of the house and exploring our new neighborhood and city.Welcome to the desert, land of two seasons, sunny/hot, sunny/not as hot. Happy Fall, warm up with a short sleeve shirt with your shorts instead of a tank top.

Jonathan and I are in Mexico this weekend having a baby moon in Puerto PeƱasco, it is wonderful to get away and enjoy a little R&R before baby girl number three arrives in January.... It's about three and a half hour drive from Phoenix and after heading down yesterday, stopping for lunch on the way in, taking a nap, walking down and jumping in the water for a bit.. we sat by the resort pool and said, WOW, it's already felt like a vacation, and then we laughed at how absurd that seemed to both of us... perhaps we needed this weekend even more than we realized, these party animals even went to bed at 9:30 last night, hahaha. At any rate, we're pleased and blessed to have the family nearby to grab a weekend away in the sand and sun before getting away will be extra challenging times three.

Let's see, the girls aren't walking YET, but man are they close.... I'm sure they are going to do it while we're gone.. cause seriously in fourteen months of waiting to see this with my own eyes it would seem like when I finally give myself permission to do something else for a weekend.. they'll walk. They are both standing, and "thinking" about taking those tentative first steps... the hands are up in the air or out at the sides for balance.. and then, for now, they think better of it.. and drop to their knees and start bolting across the room.  Soon enough, they'll be off and toddling though.

They are eating like truck drivers, seriously, they eat more than I do! It's hilarious, and expensive. People, stop complaining about the price of formula, feeding two growing humans is expensive. I'm happy their eating though, they will give almost anything a shot so we've been venturing out a little more with them at lunch and letting them eat exotic things like... pinto beans, quesadillas, and french fries! Ha! But seriously, they are doing great on the food front. I've taken this month to start focusing more on utensils, and the concept of plates. So we practice using a fork, and having more than just a bite size portion of food on the tray, but having almost their entire meal on one plate and then giving them the option to eat it in whatever order they desire... They almost always go for the fruit first, as you'd expect.. but then they really give most everything a good chance, it's a really nice change from the days of meal times being about food throwing, spitting, and actively delivering horrified looks disgust as they tried anything I served to them.

It's interesting as you raise kids for the first time, there are all these things you buy when you know you're going to have them and then you never really think about what that will mean when you go to use it. For example, a plate, the simplest thing ever, but seriously when you're a child, you don't understand plates, forks, spoons, bowls... these things are completely foreign and a concept you have to try to figure out how to teach to someone who doesn't understand language and can't ask you questions. Perhaps, I've thought about this too much, but things like this just happen all day long to me, and living your life in one sided communication where you're responsible for creating functional humans with the ability to do basic tasks is just overwhelming sometimes. There is a serious volume of things you do everyday without thinking, but someone  had to teach you how to do it.

Summer, is FINALLY getting her first front tooth! Poor girl loves to eat, and I can hardly wait to see the damage she'll do when she can actually bite through something and primally tear off a shred of meat, or get through that tortilla without gumming it to death, or her normal tactic, chew-chew, BIG swallow. Sam, is also getting more teeth, she has a ridiculous number of teeth to many I think perhaps she's just gotten used to feeling of teething.. since half of the time I have no idea she's even cutting any. She's a teeth cutting champ! Go SAM!

The girls officially said their first real word this month. where I was sure they knew exactly what they were saying and even pointed to the item as they said it. So here we have it, Samantha's first word "BALL" and Summer, "Baby", not what I would have expected, but for some reason they both really really like those things.. enough to learn to say it.

Clearly it's been a big month, plates, spoons, mini steps, words, baby moon vacations, gestating babies, and saying goodbye to my 2nd trimester and rolling right into the last third of my pregnancy. This baby girl number three, is almost here... fifteen weeks to go or less, I am excited and I am absolutely and utterly terrified. I'm always up for a challenge but even this is pretty insane, but I'm pretty sure at some point, it's going to be insanely great too. So for now I'll hang my hat on that. After a lot of soul searching and doctor interviewing we've decided to switch to a home birth with a fantastic certified nurse midwife and keep co-care with our OB in the event of an emergency or if we need additional assistance later on. It's been a long journey to this decision but after meeting this midwife, we feel like we're in good hands, our hearts are telling us this is the right decision for us and we're excited and hopeful everything will go smoothly and we'll get to have this amazing baby girl at home. So I kindly ask you to bring on all the positive energy, prayers, love, and good spirits to our home birth journey.

Until next month, lots of love from all of us.

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