Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Thirteen crazy months old

It's a short post this month! I have to be honest I haven't really thought a lot about the post this month... It's been busy, I'm pregnant, tired and the girls have been insanely active all month! They've been eating like truck drivers, and sprouting teeth left and right, they survived another cold, and they even had a nice long weekend with grandma and grandpa in Flagstaff!

Summer is standing on her own now, and I feel like those first steps are just days away... Sam is crazy fast at crawling and pretty much views everything as a climbing challenge, she loves sitting in her rocking chair, and reading books, ALL THE TIME. She's book crazy, she will just sit in your lap forever if you keep reading books to her... some of her favorites she'd prefer for you to read over and over and over again. It's adorable, and now I have at least five children's books completely memorized. Something to add to my selection of mind numbing toy jingles which sing me silently to sleep at night and wake me in so graciously in the morning!

Jonathan and I had a chance to work on the girls room while they were with their grandparents and I have to say we're pretty proud of the final product. The whole weekend I was sure they wouldn't care at all about their room... so imagine my joy when I took them upstairs to see it for the first time and they stopped for a minute, looked at each other raised their hands up in the air and then gleefully screeched, as they simultaneously crawled to their cribs and bounced up and down exploring their new digs. Made all the work so worth it.. They have throughly enjoyed the room and I'm so glad!

We're getting ready to start focusing on baby girl #3, due in January. I have all the parts and pieces for her room and now I just need the energy and time to work on it. Soon, we'll get it together and then she'll be here before we know it. I can't even believe I'm over halfway through this pregnancy? It's felt like forever, and insanely fast all at the same time. We've decided after much thought that we're switching to a midwife in hopes of having a home birth with this little one. We're hopeful all the stars will align and everything will go smoothly and we'll get to welcome this little one in our own home,  surrounded by the people we love.

As for the coming months, wish me luck! I hate to admit how much this pregnancy has really knocked me on my butt.... I am just so dang tired all the time! Add in trying to keep up with two, one year old turbo-crawlers with a pregnant belly, it continues to be a "growing" challenge. Recently I actually had someone tell me I shouldn't try to carry both of the girls at once right now.. UH, yea, right.... I LOL'd right in their face..... It's probably not optimal, but you do what you gotta do.

Here's to another month, we made it! They are another month older and mom and dad feel another year older in the bargain. ;)


  1. Love all of the photos! I'm so impressed with all that you're doing raising these two marvelous little munchkins while being pregnant with your third. Hang in there, girl -- you're doing great!

    1. Thanks Heather! It's exhausting but always a lot of fun too!