Sunday, November 30, 2014

How can they be four months already?!

Another month has gone by and, like the ones before it, it seems to have happened at light speed. Where did the time go? It seems like I just wrote the three month post last week..?

The girls have grown and are really starting to come into their own. They are shifting from newborn "infant hood" to tiny humans with lots of emotions, needs, and distinct personalities. This shift as taken them from adorable little blobs to kicking, moving, fun little people. However, this month has been full of changes and Jonathan and I have really earned our parenting stripes. If I'm being honest, this has been the hardest month yet.

We spent two weeks out of the month traveling to visit family in Arizona, thereby changing the twins' routine and surroundings almost instantly. While it was fun to share the joy of the girls with everyone, it was extremely challenging to keep the girls on schedule.  You have to understand: the schedule is our life. Even when it doesn't make sense to others, the schedule is imperative, and sticking to a schedule is what makes caring for twins achievable. Without the schedule it's chaos wrapped up in two adorable little packages that can scream and cry for hours with overtired, underfed, inconsolable rage. These moments challenge the core of your patience and fortitude to keep calm, take a deep breath, and keep trying... without losing your shit, too.

We've been home for about a week now and things are just starting to get settled. The girls AND mom and dad are just getting over a cold and on the mend to being healthy again. We had "fun" adventures in temperature taking, snot sucking with the Nosefrida (disgusting/amazing tool), and waking every 2-3 hours. All...night...long. Kudos to Jonathan for being an amazing dad and taking the night duty so at least one of us could focus our energy on getting well.. I'm happy to say we survived and the girls now have some immunity to at least one virus! Only a billion more to go! ;)

I know this post seems so negative but it's not meant to be... it's just really, really real and not sugar coated. Sometimes parenthood is just a character-building challenge. Though this month has been filled with those moments, it has also been filled with hilarious laughter, the smooshiest heart warming cuddles, the softest sweetest kisses, and some of the most fulfilling minutes of motherhood. Every morning, the girls greet me with their biggest smiles, they grab onto my shoulder when I pick them up, they love getting kisses, being sung to, reading books, playing with toys, laughing, splashing the water during bath time, and are just starting to recognize that the world they are now a part of is big and full of wonder... it's a gift to watch a child see something for the first time and to share their amazement in the mundane. It's a great reminder that every moment, every experience, counts for them and that this time in their life is part of the miracle I have the privilege to witness.

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