Tuesday, July 1, 2014

16 more days! But who's counting?

I don't have any miraculous updates to give lately. We're in the waiting mode... just sitting around and waiting. I've been on bed rest for over a month now and all I can say.. it SUCKS! .. but the good news, it's helping. I'm now almost 33 weeks and the girls are looking great, they are getting big, kicking and punching me hard while wiggling all over the place.

Personally, I'm feeling like I've had just about enough of this being pregnant thing lately and while I really want them to grow and be healthy and certainly will do all I can to ensure that happens... I'm also very eagerly awaiting their getting the boot from my belly. Oh how I miss the days of cocktails in the sunshine, seeing anything in the lower half of my body, being able to bend over, and laying on my stomach ... ohhhh that probably most of all.

So we're at 16 days and counting till we've reached the ominous 35 weeks, a huge milestone and likely when I can ease off this best rest and start doing a few things again before they arrive. I say few, cause seriously I am winded just walking up the stairs!

We're ready for them, the hospital bag is packed, the car seats are installed, everything is washed, the diaper stations are ready... we got this! Shoot this reminds me, I haven't washed the bottles! Okay, we're 99.9% ready!

I have continued taking a weekly picture and will put them all together after I deliver..... however, I am so tired of people telling me how small my belly is! Clearly, they haven't seen many other 33 week pregnant women! I assure everyone, the girls are growing great, and I am, despite what the pictures might seem, measuring significantly further along than 43+ weeks of being pregnant with one baby.... GEEZ! I think the incredible size of my boobs have to be balancing out my stomach and giving it an optical illusion of being smaller.

Also, I'd hoped to have escaped the stretch marks, but this week... just seemed overnight a few showed up :( Bummer... oh well.. it was bound to happen.

Check in again soon!

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