Wednesday, July 30, 2014

This is really hard !

I haven't written an update in while simply because I there wasn't much to tell and frankly at this moment there isn't a lot to update. The Minis seem to have decided they are perfectly happy where they are and don't want to come into the world quite yet, despite my best efforts in encouraging them along. I've tried everything. Seriously, EVERYTHING. I've had two very uncomfortable procedures at the doctor's office to help things along and alas, here they stay inside my seriously huge belly measuring the same as a woman who would be 50 weeks pregnant..... so imagine if a woman was pregnant for almost a year.

I hate to admit I've grown weary of the comments in the stores, talking about my body with random strangers who can't help my stare at the sight that is this magnificent belly. My poor mother has been here for the past month waiting around with me (something we hadn't anticipated in the least) and I think perhaps we're all just not sure if the Minis will EVER come. It's strange to have spent much of the last half of my pregnancy preventing pre-term labor and now I'd give my right arm to go into labor... I guess the moral of this: bed rest works, sometimes a little too well. 

On Monday I saw my doctor and he just wasn't ready to induce, even though the girls are super healthy and ready. So I've been walking around at 4.5cm and 100% effaced for a week or more... I can't imagine why I'm so uncomfortable! In desperation after my appointment on Monday, I dragged Jon to the OHSU stairs on Terwilliger and did stair repeats... it didn't work.  I see the doctor again on Friday and am so hopeful I will go into labor before then... but if not, I'm hopeful he'll consider doing more to help this process along.  

I wish I could be more positive: I mean, I get all the positive things about the girls staying in here, "Hang in there!" blah blah blah, but this Really, Really Really Hard... carrying around two 6.5lb babies plus all their goodies (placentas, amniotic sacks, etc) we're talking 20+ lbs just hanging off the front of me ALL the time and the load is only getting larger and heavier everyday. 

I appreciate all the followers through this whole process and had hoped to dig for more positive energy in this post... but I'm afraid at the moment what you get is the real, hardcore truth. Pregnancy is no joke, being pregnant with twins is really no joke. I'm still focusing on the day I get to see their faces, and kiss their little feet.... and I'm praying that day is not just soon, but like, TODAY. 


  1. Just love. I hope they are here so soon. You are amazing. Hugs hugs hugs.

  2. Hope your girls decide they're ready for the world soon! I was induced at 41 weeks and my little man was still stubborn and didn't want to play along. Sending love to your family! HUGS!

  3. I hope its today too!! I didn't carry twins but both times I was so OVER being pregnant at the end, so I get it. Sending you hugs! Here's hoping I get to see sweet baby girl Stern faces on Facebook SOON!