Monday, June 9, 2014

Rounding home base!

So much has happened since the last blog post and at the same time it feels like nothing has really changed.. I'm still pregnant, just bigger. It's become evident that we're feeling the pressure of time beginning to slip away before we meet the girls for the first time. It's crazy to me to think that they will be here next month!
I N S A N I T Y.... Thinking way back to November when we started this whole process July seemed like a long long time away and now we down to single digit weeks left.

Let's see since the last update, I had a spectacular baby shower, filled with gifts, friends, beautiful flowers, and generally one of the most amazing days I'd had in a very long time. I was filled with joy that so many amazing women planned and helped me celebrate this event in my life. I have't really been one to have a lot of girlfriends in my life, but since moving to Portland I've just met so many inspiring women that I can hardly say that statement is true anymore... and sharing the day with all the women I've connected with since moving here was truly meaningful. My mom made the trip from Arizona to be here for the shower as well my good friend Trysta from California ... two really awesome gifts of love. The shower was "tea for two" and super girly and fun, I loved it! There were so many gifts, that my small bladder couldn't make it through the opening of them all with out a break! (pretty funny, actually). For those of you that read this blog and came to the shower, thank you! And for those friends from afar, I know you were there in spirit.

I mentioned my mom came for the shower, she also brought my dad along to join in on the incredible lack of fun I am for several days. I say that cause I'm huge, I can't do  much of anything, and I'm pretty tired... so sometimes I make the worst kind of company. He came anyways, and was able to go to one of the ultrasounds I had scheduled for the week.. they both were able to feel the girls kick this visit and I think the whole thing made the trip worthwhile even if I wasn't the best company. My mom and dad also did lots of things to help out around the house.... how awesome are parents?! Mom cleaned, and cooked/prepped a bunch of freezer meals so we didn't have to worry about cooking so much. Dad helped Jon learn how to install new toilets (two new low flow commodes in our house!), and they cleaned up all the weeds from the yard and attempted to figure out how to kill the mole that is ruining our once beautiful lawn :( ... unfortunately no success yet. I am so grateful for their help... and can't wait for my mom to return next month... as I know we will need all the hands we can get for the first several weeks.

Let's see... I had some tests done as well, one didn't go as well as I'd hoped and and I had to go back and have a follow up test for gestational diabetes, called the 3 hour glucose test.... it wasn't much fun at all and really stressed me out, but I will choose to focus on the fact that I passed it, and now it's behind me. <moving on>  No more ten hours of fasting, and 4 blood draws, hooray!

This weekend we went to a class for twins newborn care and breastfeeding..... it was information overload, and I'm not sure if it made me feel better or worse about where we're at. The thought of one baby is pretty overwhelming to the majority of people, two.. let's just say it's going to be intense... but I am sure I will figure it out. At one point in the class the woman teaching, managed to get both babies (who were visiting to talk to us soon to be parents) onto a feeding pillow, bottle feed them both at the same time, continue feeding one while burping other, then switch, then change diapers, and swaddle them and you'd swear she was David Copperfield status with her magic trick of doing this all flawlessly.  The class was eye opening, though and definitely worth the time and effort to take it.

I saw this the other day and had to laugh at the # of strangers who try to relate by telling me how close their kids are in age.

I'm afraid I have no other news to share.. and the news train is slowing down before the big day.. we have another ultrasound on Wednesday this week, I am sure they will measure everyone again... we're crossing our fingers that Baby B has flipped from breech to head down.... and that she stays there. But other than that... we're on the home stretch, I even have a countdown on my phone.. I am feeling ridiculously uncomfortable all the time.. sometimes it's a little overwhelming it's so much... but Jon's incredible and doing all he can to help me and make as comfortable as possible.....

For now I'll try to check in at least one more time before they arrive.. and of course once they are here we'll get to reveal the names! :) (I wouldn't wait, but Jon wants too)

Baby shower pictures!

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