Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sitting around and growing people

I haven't written an update in a while and thought I'd share a little more detail about what's been going on in the land of the mini sterns. While the girls are growing and doing great, I was put on bed rest last week from a small scare on Saturday night and after my follow up on Monday it was determined that it was best for everyone if I went on modified bed rest. What does that even mean? It means, I have to stay sitting or laying down 80% of the time with my feet up. No more working out, no more shopping trips, no more walking around the neighborhood, drastically reduce the amount I'm on my feet... so mostly anything and everything has fallen into Jon's lap. This rest will hopefully stop the progression of my cervix shortening too quickly and keep these girls cooking inside of the oven for as long as possible.

After a week of being on bed rest, I have less than amazing and positive things to say about being pregnant. I feel truly blessed to have these girls, but the selfish parts of being pregnant have been weighing on me a bit lately and my positivity has been challenged a bit over the past week or two. Frankly, this has been hard, I'm uncomfortable all the time, my pregnant belly measuring in at 37+ weeks in size at week 27 means I'm full term size with two months to go of growing and thought of that is pretty daunting. I miss being active and working out with my friends, miss the petty things like wine, stinky cheese,  a working brain, and being able to see the bottom half of my body.

This time has however, made me extremely grateful for many things.. my wonderful husband, who is kind and eager to help me no matter how tired he is or how much he has on his plate, he's been to every single medical appointment we've had since we started the IVF process and throughout our entire pregnancy, he's more than anyone could ever hope to find in a partner and I am truly lucky. I also wanted to say how much I am grateful for my mom, she's always been my very best friend and while we live a long ways away from each other she's already been to visit once and is coming again this weekend and staying a while to help out while I'm on rest, and then again when the girls arrive... she's been so incredibly giving with her time, excitement, and efforts in my pregnancy I'm so blessed to have her to share this with. Also, I am glad I am flexible, have strong arms (to pull, and lift my huge self up with) and happy I have extremely dexterous feet, as they have saved me from having to bend over to pick many things up off the ground! Hooray for monkey feet, as Jon calls them.

As for the part you're probably most interested in..... the girls are PERFECT, we got the chance to see them in 3d last week and while generally I find those pictures creepy... I couldn't help that with them being my own children... they were so beautiful. I can't wait to see and touch their faces for the first time.... feel their little fingers wrap around mine and kiss their little feet, for now it's those thoughts I take with me as I'm having hard days sitting around, being lonely, and wishing time would move more quickly... I remind myself that I know this is what's best, it's temporary and it will all be a distant memory as soon as they arrive.

Stats: at 27 weeks

Twins: 2.2lbs each
Over 14 inches long each
Measuring ten weeks ahead 37 weeks belly at 27 weeks
Gained: 32lbs so far (holding steady at 1.5lbs a week or so, yikes )

I have the baby shower this weekend, I'm super excited for it! I'll post again soon. :)

26 weeks... I feel like these pictures don't do my belly justice. 

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