Friday, April 4, 2014

Update: Twenty week Scan! Photos And Videos!

We've officially past the halfway point for twins. It's wild to think we've come further than we have to go before our little girls will grace this earth with their presence. It's been a pretty crazy past couple of weeks: we've finished the nursery (my next post); my mom came for a great week-long visit to help buy clothes & organize; and of course help me celebrate my 33rd birthday! This may be the first birthday in 12 years that hasn't included a glass of wine or toast with bubbly, somehow the cucumber water I was drinking just didn't do it for me. Oh well just a few more months and then it will be five o'clock somewhere!

It was wonderful and special to have my mom in town for the week, we were able to hit up the thrift stores and found a MAJOR score at our very first stop, two onesies for a buck you say? We went item by item, ooo-ing and ahhh-ing at the cuteness of it all with the intention of going back through the cart and narrowing it down to the really good quality cute stuff. That was our plan, anyway. In reality, we put back three things from a cart full of clothes. We checked out and the gentleman at the counter was so sweet and overwhelmed at the quantity of things we purchased he just gave it all to us for 30 bucks! Mega score! We also found a few other stores that were filled with cute and adorable things we couldn't resist. After the first day of shopping, we got back and needed to do three laundry-loads of infant clothes, then sort, fold, and hang it all! After going gleefully through our purchases again, we decided it was probably best to focus on the bigger sizes now -- "9 months and bigger from now on!" -- and we held to it, mostly. Let's just say these two little girls are going to be quite stylin' and will have a wardrobe to challenge mine.

Marvel at the collection of hanging dresses
Mom made these while she was here! So adorable! 
This drawer is stuffed full of newborn and 0-3 month clothing

And the bigger sizes! 
Mom also took me shopping for my birthday (waaay to generously) and we picked up some very exciting maternity items for me, a beautiful maxi dress, a totally banging hot red tankini for the upcoming babymoon next week, a pair of cute maternity jeans (if I have to wear the ones I have another day I might start screaming), and some maternity underwear!! Yahoo! Who knew you could get so excited about maternity panties?

It's been a fantastic month, I can't believe if all goes well.. we have just four months left..... I also can't believe my stomach will be growing for another four months! YOWZA!

The two week span shots I have taken are really alarming! Babies, they are a growin'. Oh and one more great thing, I did hit my weight target for the 20 week appointment, so at least now I know I've done what I can to give these little ladies the best start they can possibly have, hooray for bread, cheese, and the occasional fried pickle for helping make the weight gain happen!

I have some exciting pictures to share this time, ultrasounds, clothes, belly shots, and a few video clips from the ultrasound. PS, did you know with twins, you get charged for TWO ultrasounds! Ouch.

Video Clips!

Baby B's face and she's touching her head

And let the space feud begin! Some pretty good punches and kicks, the thing waving back and forth in the middle is the amniotic sack, looks strong enough I guess. 


  1. Wow, some pretty amazing and wonderful things happening. So excited for both of you!!