Saturday, February 22, 2014

What will the winning combo be? Girls, Boys, or Both?!

I haven't written in a couple of weeks. I've been busy with work and the few times I've had energy I've been going to workout again, FINALLY. I am thrilled to be back with my Bar Method family and getting these legs, arms, and "abs" back into the groove of things.

We had some testing done last week with our new co perinatal doctor (high risk doc)... and everything came back great. Let's just say though, I hope I never have to see this doctor again, one, cause that would mean things are complicated with my pregnancy, and two, cause I DID NOT like her, at all (period). I am happy to report that this coming week we have our second appointment with the OB and at 15 weeks I *should* be able to find out the genders!!! I have my fingers triple crossed they cooperate and we get to know the sex of  these little ones! So far we've been told one I don't know for Baby B, and Baby A looked like maybe a boy... onto another ultrasound where they still said they weren't sure but they looked like two girls.... however I believe that person was basing it off the nub theory and well that's just not all the accurate. So fingers crossed folks, let's hope they let it all shine.

Other than that we've just been getting the nursery together, I didn't want to wait to get started on it... it's a big room and well twins are unpredictable and who knows if I might have to go on bed rest or just become to tired to work on anything, so we thought it best to get going on the decor and set up now. I will post pictures of the final room, I promise. I do have to say though, it's turning out freaking amazing.

I also have been reading, reading, reading... parenting books, pregnancy books, etc. It's weird to feel such a maternal instinct already, it's like I can just imagine who these little people will be and how much I will love them..... and already do. My girlfriends have coined the twins as mini (baby A) and mini mini (baby B) mini mini, has always been a few days behind in size and so of course they love the underdog, exclaiming things like "mini mini is my favorite!" It's strange to know there are these living beings inside of me, but I can't hear them, or feel them (yet)... sometimes I just look down at my now growing stomach and think wow... the miracle of life indeed.

I'll update on Wednesday if we find out! PS we also booked a babymoon to Maui for April.... fingers crossed everything is going well so I can go! We're super excited to swim, see the countryside, and enjoy the beach... and I'm sure enjoy a few mocktails.

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