Monday, January 27, 2014

Twenty Fingers & Twenty Toes!

Quick update that we were officially released from our fertility care today!!  All is looking amazingly well in twins baby land. I'm a little worse for wear the last week, overwhelmed with exhaustion and it's no wonder! Today we saw hands and feet, legs and arms bouncing around... they were dancing up a storm having all kinds of fun while I'm trying to get some rest! Every time we have a scan I am always so blown away by the growth and just how quickly beating hearts turned into miniature humans. So far it's been the scariest and most exciting thing I have ever experienced....most of the time it feels so surreal and a bit unfair as I've felt ill for what feels like months now. I pray for energy filled days soon!

At our last appointment today we were able to see our fabulous doctor, talk with him for a few minutes, and say thank you for all he did. What an amazing job to be able to give life to couples who have spent too many heartbreaking months and years without success. We feel truly fortunate for his kind and calm spirit as we embarked on our journey and today it was clear he was happy for us and definitely enjoys this part of his job.

We've been working hard already to get ready for the twins, we found an amazing deal on two Chicco car seats on craigslist, a double clip n stroller for the car seats and the baby items are piling up in the garage. My mother has been working tirelessly for a while now sewing bibs, burp clothes, collecting clothes, and knitting blankets so furiously she gave herself knitting wounds!

We sold our totally awesome 98 4-runner, to make way for a more baby(s) friendly car, dare I say we're looking at getting a minivan? For any of you that know Jon and I, you understand the hilariousness of this thought. Jon and I met at PIR in Phoenix as two circuit car racing geeks. Jon my instructor, and I his totally bad ass student (also the only girl on the track). A romance in the fast lane for sure, but we've come a long way from fire suits, racing helmets, sticky tires, and roll cages... when we're talking about minivan's to tote around our two future children, our adorable 65lb puppy, and any visitors we might have. Our family of two is growing to five (with dahlia) before we'll even be ready for it.


  1. <3 The first trimester exhaustion is SO hard. I can't imagine making 2 at once. Congratulations on being released. I had no idea that's how you met. How perfect. Nice score on the carseats. Nesting is awesome. <3

  2. Agree with Karuna, that first trimester kicked my ass -- and that was when I didn't tell anyone! Hard to play that off when people are like "if you're so tired, why are you cutting back on caffeine?" Good thing I work with mostly guys so they never put two and two together. =) Congrats again, so excited!!

  3. Awesome with AWESOMENESS! Love this! And minivan's are awesome too!! I bought one even before I had kids, to haul around my race bikes! lol Once I met B with the two girls, it came in handy. Should come in more handy once our little gets here too. Sorry you're soo tired. I can't even imagine baking those two turkeys! Sending you much energy & love from Bend! xo