Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Summer and Samantha are Two Months!

It's been two months since these two girls entered the world and our hearts. The last thirty days have been filled with joy, milestones, smiles, challenges, breakthroughs, and crying... lots and lots of crying.  Jonathan and I are making it through though. We still get out of the house occasionally, we're ironing out our systems, getting our schedules in place and fine tuning them everyday.

The girls are turning into such little people! Jonathan and I are basically the girls paparazzi, taking a million videos and pictures...then I spam the social networks with how adorable my kids are. I'll admit it, I've become one of those people, if your feed is suddenly mostly filled with Samantha and Summer, I'm guilty as charged. In my defense, they are just so dang cute! I can't help myself and must share my little joys with everyone.

All of the grandparents (and Uncle Jason) have come to visit and my mom jumped at the chance to visit again, so she's coming back out this week and staying for a week! I'm excited to have Grandma Julie here again and know the girls will be happy to see her and get some of her amazing cuddles. It's been really special to have everyone make the trip out to meet the girlds, we managed to get pictures while everyone was here so the girls to have these wonderful pictures with their grandparents taken while they were both still so little.

I've been struggling with what to write in this post, what do I share with everyone that makes for an interesting read? So I thought I would write some of my favorite things from the past month of watching these two little ones grow.

- Bath time, probably one of my favorite times of day... the girls love the warm water and just immediately relax as soon as they hit the water. Plus, the smell of their sweet little heads after they've been washed is without a doubt my favorite smell in the whole world.

- As annoying as it can be to wear a baby, there is just isn't anything quite like having a sweet little baby wrapped up against your skin and having them fall sound asleep almost immediately. The way their soft forehead feels against the side of my cheek is probably what I'll miss most someday when they won't let me cuddle them anymore. I'm pretty sure I could just feel their face against mine forever.

- Their smiles, they are so adorable! I absolutely cannot wait till those smiles turn into laughs.

- Family walks around the neighborhood... for six years, it was just Jon and me. Then we got Dahlia, and now the girls. We're a pack, the Stern pack, and I love it.

Motherhood continues to amaze me, everyday is filled with love and challenge. It exhausts you physically and emotionally, and as tired as you are at the end of everyday, you wake up the next day  somehow filled with the energy you need to get through.

Two months and I'm just falling deeper and deeper in love with these two.

That's all for now,

Signed, a very tired and hungry mama. (enjoy the pictures below)

Dahlia decided she also wanted to be in the picture,
I can't believe how enormous she seems next to the girls. 

Summer smiles on a Sunday morning

Sweet Summer cuddles

At the pumpkin patch with Full house Mom's group

Late fall flowers

Samantha smiles! 

More Summer smiles! 

Samantha cuteness, on mommy's handmade blanket.

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