Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Crazy Eleventh Month

Some months it seems like nothing really big happens and then some months it feels like everything happens. This month has been on of those months. Since mother's day we found out we're having another baby, we finished packing for our move, we moved to Phoenix, have started the forever task of unpacking, Samantha got two more teeth, and just yesterday she started crawling! Summer has begun letting go of things and is now standing for seconds at a time between holding onto the couch/table/chair/your leg/wall/EVERYTHING, and has just started to get her first two teeth.... it's been a wild, exhausting, and crazy month.

I somehow managed to convince Jon to unpack the chalkboard this morning and prop it up in the girls playroom so I could take their monthly photo... seemed horrible to fall down on the job at just shy of the finish line for the first year! I do have to say though, taking these photos has become a two person job. I had to chase babies after each picture and try to fly back into my position to just a snap a photo or two before they were off again, next month I'll wait till I have a little help!

This month has been a test of emotional strength for me... it's not as if I didn't know I was busy and my days were complicated and full, but it becomes abundantly clear how at capacity you are when you try to add additional time consuming and complicated tasks to your life... and you realize that you seriously don't have the energy, time, or patience to deal with additional things, But you HAVE to do these things... The "have to" part has pretty much summed up this month for me personally, I have to keep digging a little deeper everyday and sometimes every minute for energy, patience, occasionally a deep breath so I didn't barf all over the place from morning sickness. I'm really really really ready for some normalcy to my days again and relish in the familiarity of schedule and knowing where to find all of my things!

It's the last month before the girls turn One! I sincerely can't believe it, they have blossomed into such individual characters and I find myself constantly thinking I can't believe this has happened so fast. We're already talking about their future "little girl" room, and the sports or activities we think they might like. We're transitioning them to regular milk and sippy cups, they eat three meals a day, and have loves, intense dislikes, hilarious facial expressions, a large range of noises, they say "ma ma" "DaDee!" "Bah bah (bottle)" They screech at their sister and laugh hysterically at whatever that must mean to them, they play peek a boo, wrestle, steal each others toys, food, etc. They love their binkies, diving into a pile of pillows and playing in the water... they are precious, fierce little girls and I love them.

Short post, but next month will be a good one!

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